Is the Average Penis Size Now Considered Small?

Even though not every man is happy with the size of their penis, it is important to understand one should be contented with what he has.

According to a recent study conducted by Penile Plus, there are more men who have an average penis size as compared to those who have big penis sizes. However, a lot of people do not understand what is considered as a small, average or a big penis. Therefore, what is considered as a small penis size?

Average penis size is considered to ranges between 5.1 – 5.6 inches when erect and around 3.5 inches when flaccid. As a result, if your penis size is below these measurements, you have a small penis.

Average Penis Size

However, before you start getting frustrated or feeling less of a man, there are a number of things you should understand. Nowadays, women do not consider penis size as the only factor when getting into a relationship. In fact, there is a very low probability that a woman will ask you the size of your penis while dating or when you are getting into a relationship. A small penis has been considered as a sign of inferiority/weakness and this has affected a lot of men emotionally. It is not easy for a man to feel inferior and still make his woman happy.

To make matters worse, the media is not helping in any way leaving the man alone to find viable options. It is true that some women prefer a large penis although to some the size of a man’s penis is a non-issue.

Ideally, penis size does not matter during sex because sexual satisfaction is not mainly determined the size of your penis. However, to women, the size of your penis can determine the respect she has for you and how much she loves being with you. Penis size is a sign of masculinity and this is a major turn on to women. Therefore, you can be very handsome but your penis become a turn off to some women!

Luckily, not all women are concerned about penis size and this can give you some options. For instance, you can either choose to settle with a woman who is comfortable with your penis size i.e. a woman who appreciates you the way you are or decide to enlarge your penis.

It is possible to enlarge your penis using penis enhancement products that have no side effects.

Loving Couple

If you prefer living with your current penis size, you will have to look for a woman who will appreciate that. However, if you are not contented with your penis size, enlarging it could be the best option. You need to research thoroughly because there are limited methods that have been proven to work. Up to date, penis exercise method and the use of traction devices such as penis extenders are the proven methods you can use to enlarge your penis. According to those who have used these methods, they have no side effects and you can add a few inches in a short period of time. We are living in a different world where we have to determine what’s best for us because we have all the options with us. All the best in making your love life awesome.

Top Five World Destinations

Online travelers have spoken, and they selected the top 5 places in the world for people to visit. The top 5 favorite tourist locations include London, New York, Paris, Siem Reap and Sydney. Each of these places have something special about them and they offer a lot to tourists. Keep reading to discover why these 5 international locations are considered among the best places for international travelers to explore and to stay.

London, United Kingdom

London is a jewel of a city. This metropolitan area has so much to offer in terms of sights and attractions. Visitors simply cannot get bored in London unless they choose to sit inside of their hotel rooms and do nothing. There are so many great museums, lots of soccer matches and even great culture. A person could even get lucky enough to run into a Duke or Duchess or even the Queen.

New York, USA

New York is a great city that is always “on”. This is the city that never sleeps. Once a person arrives in New York, they will be greeted by never ending business, fun and excitement. Lots of American culture is available in NYC. You can visit the theater, go to the movies and even see a baseball game. The Statue of Liberty, Museum of Modern Art and Time Square are just some of the great points of interest once you arrive in this amazing place.

World Travel

Paris, France

The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower are just two very good reasons to visit Paris. This destination is known as the City of Love. However, Paris offers way more than just sentimental feelings and romance for travelers. Fashion lovers will be enthralled with the city’s fashion industry, art lovers will go mad with the indulgence of great classical art and people that love wine and cheese will not get enough of it here.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is not a popular city in terms of its notoriety. However, this is a hidden gem that many international travelers strongly recommend. Angkor Wat is a temple structure that is located in the Siem Reap area and it provides a dazzling and breathtaking relook at ancient times. There are beaches, great locals and a nice night life to keep you busy for days on end within a different environment.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a very popular city is Australia. It is home to the legendary Sydney Opera House. However, opera isn’t the only thing that Sydney has to offer. Sailing and snorkeling are two other great activities that Sydney has to offer. Tourists can even partake of the city’s great night life and the fantastic beaches. The city thrives and its spirit is infectious. This is a place that is hard to leave once you arrive.

These five cities are great places for you to take your family and to enjoy your time away from home. Remember, your trip is only as good as the people you share it with. When you are traveling with your family you can create some really memorable times and some great experiences that will last forever. So, don’t delay and visit at least one of these five destinations when you have the chance.