The Difference of Strength Training and Speed Training

All athletes should strive to improve their speed performance. Speed is an important component of any sport. Most athletic competitions are won through the use of speed. Strength, agility and power all have their place. However, speed is arguably the most important attribute for any athlete to possess. Speed gives players the edge, and it helps to separate the average and good players from the champions and super stars.

Strength Training

Strength training is also good for people. However, speed training ultimately utilizes strength training. A good speed training program will have certain requirements and functions that will help a player to improve this ability. Linear speed is a key factor of this training. Once a player elevates this skill, they will see an improvement in their overall game play.

When it comes to speed training, a player must be able to apply power to their speed. What this means is that they must be able to train in such a way where their explosive power can be channeled into explosive speed. In layman’s terms they should be able to execute a movement within a short amount of time that will help them to move faster.

Many people naturally assume that strong people have power. This is not true. A person can be very strong but if they do not have the ability to channel their strength into power, they will not be powerful. Power is the ability to quickly summon all of your strength and channel it into a movement or action. Weightlifters can be strong but that does not mean they are powerful. There power only comes from channeling all of their strength into a movement to lift a weight or to move a heavy object.

Speed training involves the use of quickness, agility and knowing how to use the power of your muscles to get the best results. In other words, you do not have to be a strong person to have a lot of power. All you need to know how to do is to channel the power you have into a movement that will exert all of your natural strength. Some people can naturally do this.

Speed Training

Developing linear speed is the key to speed training. You can develop linear speed in two primary ways. First, you should improve your stride length. Your stride length is measured by the amount of distance covered while your foot is in the air. Next, you should focus on stride frequency. This is performed by how quickly the stride is executed. Increasing your stride length will have a greater impact on your overall speed training and ability.

A person can only increase their stride length by adding more power to their legs while they are pushing off the ground. In practical terms, a person can improve their stride by kicking their feet to their rear end as they run. This might seem unorthodox, but it works. This type of movement simply allows a runner to utilize all of their power as they move. You can also have a faster stride by increasing the amount of force being exerted on your feet as you accelerate. Once you have mastered this technique you can run in a more natural manner and notice the difference.

Keep in mind that results are specific to training. In other words, if you don’t train right; you won’t get the best results possible. This is why you must figure out what types of speed movements are best suited for your sport and train with those movements in mind. Once you know the muscles to be trained and have proper form you should see an improvement in your ability. Ultimately, you will be able to maximize your speed and power and become a better athlete.