Why Americans are Hated Throughout the World

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is a place where people prosper, where dreams can be fulfilled, and people have a real chance to change their lives. However, America is a dark and seething place where foreigners hate this nation, where racism continues to fester, and people are ruthlessly denied the American Dream. Why do so many people hate this country? There are many reasons for this hatred that will now be addressed.

First, let me start off by stating: My heart is grieved. My heart is grieved because of this heart wrenching article that I must write about American hatred. My heart is grieved because I have friends who are Americans. I don’t want my friends to think I look down on them or despise them. I do not. Still, I must acknowledge that American hatred is a real issue in the world. I would not be doing a service to anyone if I did not address this reality.

Americans are hated. Make no mistake about this fact. We can no longer side-step this issue or dismiss it. We can no longer pretend that it does not exist. We must confront this uncomfortable truth in hopes that it will change. Even if you are an American that is blissfully ignorant of your standing in the world, you must acknowledge what is being addressed here. It is important for changing the perception of the so-called greatest nation in the history of mankind.

Where does the hatred for Americans come from? Does it come from U.S. soldiers that occupy foreign lands? Does it come from the American people that think they are better than everyone else? Or, does it come from a government that primarily works to advance its own agenda in the world at the expense of everyone else? The hatred for America stems from all of these sources and many more. One place that creates a lot of problems for America is Wall Street.

Wall Street is at the heart of American troubles. This great economic institution controls America’s elected officials. It is the unofficial government of the United States. Wall Street knows that they can place any person that they want in power. They have the money, resources and even the military might to do so.

Corporations that generate billions up billions of dollars are the primary influencers of the pollical field. They are the ones that have the money to back national candidates that can operate within an international arena. They are the ones that have billions of U.S. dollars at their disposal which can wreak havoc on any so called “fair” election system. The 2012 U.S. elections is living proof the economic financing of American candidates to office. Never in the history of the world has this been accomplished.

Forget about the gold standard which was at the heart of an economy. Now, it is the U.S. dollar. This monetary standard is valued in many nations around the world. The American dollar is powerful and forthcoming. It has the ability to corrupt any democratic “fair” elections. When an unscrupulous foreign candidate wants to take hold of an office (within their country) they either use guns and brute force or the American dollar to gain power. This happens more often than most Americans would believe. In some cases, the U.S. even backs many “pro-American” candidates in other countries to help maintain their power standard.

Still, the average American is left clueless about what is really going on. They honestly believe that most of the world wants to be just like them. The myth of the loud American who makes it big in life is a lie. Many foreign people hate America’s pompous and conceited ways. American braggarts always endorsing their materialism and money. These values are mostly despised by the average person who resides in other parts of the world. Yes, people know the value of material goods and having things. However, they don’t equate this with success and meaning. They have other standards that don’t involve these concepts.

Free trade deals are an example of how Americans are setting themselves and others up failure. America might not get the “bad deal” when they do free trade but that does not mean that they are viewed in a negative way. America usually creates an Amoeba effect when they take this action.

American competition, American wealth, the American Dream and the American spirit are being questioned with greater frequency and are being regarded less by people in the world today. The deception finished. The ruse is up. You must be honest by doing what you will say you do. The nation’s leaders must also be ethical. The American people are not so much the problem as it is the nation’s leaders.

The media paints a great picture of Americans. However, it is a deceptive one. America can still be a beacon of light and a city on a hill. They can be the “great helper” of the world and change the fate of nations and people. To the American people, there still is hope. In the words of number 45: “Let’s make America great again”. Americans, can you do it? “Yes, you can”.