How to Deal with Office Politics

Tips on How to Get Along

Making the Dysfunctional Work Family Functional

Unless you are in charge of recruitment, work colleagues are like your relatives in that you do not chose them yet things are better if everyone gets along with each other. The difference is that it tends to be easier to escape from awkward family gatherings than it is to evade similar situations at work.

Here are some survival tips:

Turn Down the Volume

Every workplace has at least one loud person in it. The volume is so high that you simply cannot concentrate. It is bad enough if they know what they are talking about, but when they are discussing what is in their sandwich or last night’s soap operas it is even worse. If it is possible move somewhere quieter, remembering not to mention the loud person by name as that would be tactless and badly received.

Should a move not be possible and you do not do call work, listen to music via earphones, but not so loudly that it can heard.

When you have to speak to the loud one, do so quietly to attempt to get them to talk quietly too.

The Grumpy One

There is often one colleague that is negative or highly cynical. Perhaps they have worked for the firm longer than anyone else, and they use that experience to say what is going to fail. The answer – just about everything.

Replace their can’t do it attitude with a can do it one to remove the negative vibes. In meetings ask them for ideas, which will work. That means they will be making positive comments and their ideas do turn out to be useful.

Office Politics

The Crazy Colleague

In contrast to a grumpy colleague you can have a crazy one. That will be the colleague that asks pointless questions and doubles the length of meetings without anybody gaining any further knowledge. Except for the disruptive colleague everybody wants meetings to end as soon as the any other business section of it has been done.

The key to not been sidetracked is to ignore them if possible. Answer their question briefly and move on before they have chance to ask another one. Get back to the theme that was been discussed before immediately.

If needs be promise to answer the question in full later in the meeting, then think of a reason to end the meeting before their issue is discussed. Hopefully they will have forgotten all about before the next meeting.

The Nosy Kid

There is always one colleague that wants to know what everyone else is doing, and also likes to question every single decision made by the manager. That can be annoying as it can stop you from working while it wastes everyone’s time as the decisions will still stand no matter how many times these are explained.

The best strategy for a nosy kid is to make them busy. Give them tasks and as much information as possible.

Remember to be polite, tactful and give people some leeway if they are having a bad day.

It can pay to be self aware, having a bad day could make you grumpy, or if things have gone well you might be loud out of excitement.